Cowork Niagara's Feelancer Lab: The secret formula for high-performing freelance practices

Picture of test tubes filled with various solutions. Cowork Niagara will help you find the right combination of elements to run your freelance practice.

Learn the secret formula for a thriving freelance practice

Building a freelance practice from scratch is tough.

How do you sell? How do you even find customers? How do you make sure you’re charging enough? How do you collect the money once you’re done?

How you deal with each of these questions has a huge impact on your success. If you’re struggling with your current income or are having trouble building a practice that gives you the freedom you thought freelancers enjoyed, Cowork Niagara’s Freelancer Lab will help you build a freelance practice that will grow your income and change your life.

We’ve built a course based on 40 years of successful freelance experience. We’ll show you both what you should be doing to earn more and stabilize your income, and also how to avoid all the freelancer pitfalls that soak up your time and keep you stuck.

The support you need to keep you on track.

At Cowork Niagara, we get it because we’ve all been there ourselves. we’re the home of Niagara’s independent workforce. We’re actually the only place in Canada that offers training for building high-performing freelance practices. Our members learn from, and support one another. That support converts to higher, more stable income than even if you had stayed in full-time employment.

Course Details

Duration: 8 weeks

Runs: Oct 1— Nov 19

Sessions run: 10am – noon

Cost: $800 ($600 for Cowork Niagara members)

We accept: cheque, cash, credit

Cost includes 1 month of full-time hotdesk subscription at Cowork Niagara. Participants are expected to be in 2–3 days per week during the course.

Course Outline

Week 1: Introductions, baseline-setting

Week 2: Mission vision & values, your ideal client

Week 3: Sales 101

Week 4: Freelancer canvas

Week 5: Your practice plan

Week 6: Success habits

Week 7: Sales 2

Week 8: Masterminds & accountability partners